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  • Alex Pettee, CFA

Industrial REITs: Not Tired Of Winning

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  • Since the start of 2016, no major real estate sector has outmatched the performance of industrial REITs, outperforming the broader REIT index by a cumulative 45% during this time.

  • Outside of Amazon, industrial REITs have been perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the continued growth in e-commerce and the rabid “need for speed” among goods distributors and logistics operators.

  • Among real estate sectors, industrial REITs have been most impacted by the positive economic surprises since the start of 2016, aided by corporate tax reform, deregulation, and trade policy.

  • A common theme over the past several years, however, valuations remain lofty. Given the large pipeline, the sector remains more exposed than most to an unexpected economic downturn.

  • For now, it’s full steam ahead. Rents grew another 8% in 2018 according to Prologis as demand once again outpaced supply, the ninth consecutive year of a positive demand imbalance.

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