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  • Alex Pettee, CFA

Apartment REITs: Happy Landlords, Unhappy Renters

  • No more "Free Rent." Renters will receive an unwelcome surprise with the next renewal offer as rents across the country are suddenly surging at the fastest rate in a half-decade.

  • The demographic and pandemic-driven boom in household formations has clashed with record-low housing supply to push housing costs higher across the ownership and rental markets.

  • The vaccine rollout has halted the "urban exodus" and stabilized rental rates in coastal markets. Sunbelt and suburban markets, meanwhile, are reporting record-high rates of rent growth.

  • After lagging in 2020, Apartment REITs have gained nearly 30% this year, boosted by a strong slate of Q1 earnings results with seven of ten apartment REITs raising their full-year earnings guidance.

  • Apartment REITs aren't the bargains that they were in late 2020, but valuations still appear compelling as rent growth "catches up" with home values amid a backdrop of persistently low housing supply and robust demand.

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