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  • Alex Pettee, CFA

'Behind The Curve' Correction

  • U.S. equity markets delivered their worst week since the beginning of the pandemic as investors rapidly reset interest rate expectations amid concerns that the Fed is "behind the curve" in combating inflation.

  • Declining for the third-straight week and sitting on the cusp of "correction" territory, the S&P 500 declined 5.8% while the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 dipped deeper into correction with 7.5% weekly declines.

  • Real estate equities were among the better-performers on the week - but still posted broad declines - as the Equity REIT Index declined 3.9% while the Mortgage REIT Index pulled-back 3.5%.

  • Beneath the volatility and concern over rising rate, data showed that the U.S. housing industry gathered momentum into the winter months and - as it did early in the pandemic recovery - looks poised to again serve as a source of resilience for the U.S. economy.

  • Prologis kicked off REIT earnings season with a strong "beat-and-raise" report as the logistics operator delivered Core FFO growth of 9.2% in full-year 2021 and its initial guidance calls for 8.4% growth in 2022.

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