• Alex Pettee, CFA

Cell Tower REITs: Stay-At-Home Winners

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

  • As fears over missed rent payments rattle the real estate sector, Cell Tower REITs are not just surviving, they're thriving. These REITs are one of the few in positive territory.

  • Cellular network usage has surged amid the stay-at-home orders as businesses and individuals stay connected via virtual interaction. Signs of stress in capacity enforce the need for additional network investments.

  • The long-awaited marriage between T-Mobile and Sprint has finally come to fruition. The emergence of a fourth competitor - Dish Network - was an unexpected coup for cell tower REITs.

  • The market is understanding what we've said for years: low-band, wide-coverage macro tower networks will be the "hub" of 5G service due to the logistical challenges of dense small-cell networks.

  • Fundamentals remain stellar, which are reflected in the sector’s premium valuations. Low-orbit satellite technology - backed by SpaceX and others - is a competitive threat to keep an eye on.

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