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  • Writer's pictureAlex Pettee, CFA

Did Rent Get Paid? Previewing REIT Earnings Season

  • "Did the rent get paid? How about the mortgage?" Earnings season kicks off this week with more than 175 REITs and 100 housing-related companies reporting earnings over the next month.

  • Buckle up. On what will surely be the most newsworthy earnings season in a decade, REIT earnings should provide pivotal information on rent collection and future dividend plans.

  • While some REITs have provided mid-quarter updates and preliminary earnings results, this is the first update we'll hear from the majority of companies since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Residential REITs are expected to report relatively limited issues with rent collection. The same can't necessarily be said about other commercial real estate sectors, particularly retail REITs.

  • Most REITs entered the COVID-19 crisis on solid footing, but some of the more highly levered small-cap REITs may have been caught swimming naked. We'll find out soon.

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