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  • Writer's pictureAlex Pettee, CFA

Real Estate Leads Stocks To Records On 'Euphoric' Week

  • US equity markets continued to roll this week with fresh records across the major indexes, powered by "Goldilocks" economic data and resolutions on the U.S.-China trade deal and the USMCA.

  • With gains of more than 2.5%, it was the best week for REITs in nearly a year. Homebuilders surged 4.5%, leading the S&P 500 to gains of 1.9%.

  • The US housing market picked up in 2020 where it left off in 2019 with signs of continued reacceleration. Housing starts surged to 13-year highs while homebuyer traffic climbed to 20-year highs.

  • It was a strong holiday season for retailers. Total retail sales recorded 3.6% growth for full-year 2019. Brick and mortar sales, however, slowed to 2.1% growth following a strong 2018.

  • Despite indications of a pick-up in economic activity, inflationary pressures remain muted, as Core CPI and PPI came in cooler than expected in December. Core CPI ex-Shelter is higher by just 1.5%.

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