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  • Alex Pettee, CFA

Single-Family Rental REITs: Meet Your New Landlord

  • Riding the historic surge in housing rents, Single Family Rental REITs are one of the best performing property sectors since the start of the pandemic, gaining another 40% this year.

  • SFR REITs are one of the great success stories of the Modern REIT Era, becoming a "core" institutional asset class and quieting the critics that questioned their operating efficiency potential.

  • The combination of historically low housing supply and strong demographic-driven demand - with added pandemic-driven tailwinds - has sent single-family rents soaring at the fastest rate on record.

  • Property Technology - or "PropTech" - continues to be a key catalyst. The growth trajectory remains promising as the "institutionalization" of the single-family housing market remains in the early innings.

  • SFR REITs appear attractively valued given their growth trajectory and exhibit appealing risk profiles and investment characteristics, providing a strong inflation hedge and relatively muted sensitivities to interest rates and economic growth.

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