Hoya Capital Joins The REIT Forum

Hoya Capital is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Colorado Wealth Management Fund to bring the premier research service on Seeking Alpha to the next level! The REIT Forum – the premier research service on Seeking Alpha - is the new exclusive home to all of Hoya's premium research.

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The REIT Forum owns a stellar reputation built on integrity, transparency, and most importantly, results. We’re thrilled to join Colorado Wealth Management Fund and Scott Kennedy, who we’ve long-admired for their disciplined and meticulous analysis and no-nonsense approach to investment research.


This partnership will enable us to significantly expand our research capabilities and our suite of research tools. Together, we’ll combine to offer unmatched coverage and top-quality model portfolios for Equity and Mortgage REITs, Real Estate ETFs and CEFs, High-Yield BDCs, and REIT Preferred Stocks & Bonds, as well as our new Dividend Cut and Rent Collection tools. 

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Subscribers get access to our complete research library, premium content and early access to new reports, and exclusive access to our premium tools, trackers, and databases (including detailed REIT-specific metrics like NOI, Occupancy, FFO, AFFO, and NAV) that power our investment research.


Come see what we’re building with a free two-week trial and a limited-time discount on new subscriptions. Click here for a Free 2-Week Trial! 

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