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Hoya Capital Housing 100 Index

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The Hoya Capital Housing 100 Index is a rules-based index composed of the 100 companies that collectively represent the performance of the US Housing Industry. The index is designed to track total annual spending on housing and housing-related services across the United States. 

The Index is divided into four US Housing Industry Business Segments, weighted based on their relative contribution to GDP: 1) Home Ownership and Rental Operators; 2) Home Building and Construction; 3) Home Improvement and Furnishings; 4) Home Financing, Technology & Services. By design, the Index is expected to track the companies with the potential to benefit from rising rents, appreciating home values, and a persistent housing shortage. 

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An investor cannot invest directly in an index and index performance does not reflect the deduction of any fees, expenses or taxes.

Index Announcements

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