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Hoya Capital Real Estate is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor committed to making real estate more accessible to all investors. Hoya Capital Real Estate advises ETFs, institutions, and individual accounts by investing in portfolios of publicly-traded commercial and residential real estate companies.

Leaders in commercial and residential real estate analysis, we are among the most widely-read and cited publishers of real estate commentary and research. Hoya Capital Real Estate is based in Connecticut and is a subsidiary of Pettee Investors, Inc, an SEC-registered investment advisor operating since 1989.

Our Investment Strategies

Hoya Capital Real Estate is committed to making real estate more accessible to all investors. We offer a full range of investment management services including an ETF, our Real Estate Robo-Advisor strategy, and our fully Customized Real Estate Portfolio strategy, all designed to meet your investment objectives and goals.








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How Your Portfolio Is Constructed

Hoya Capital Real Estate believes that real estate is a critical component of every investor's asset allocation. Based on your investment objectives and goals, we construct your portfolio based on key objectives and factors to ensure you are getting the right portfolio for you, giving you the cost-effectiveness of a robo advisor with the personal touch of a full-service advisory firm. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your investment goals.







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